China (and Communism) Are Still Evil (cont.)

If there is any question that China and its Communist regime is still evil, they keep trying to remind us if we will only listen.

China took over Hong Kong from the British twenty years ago and are now battling massive protests over attempts to impose more totalitarian laws, as China has on the mainland. There is also an ongoing repression of the Uighur ethnic minority, which is primarily Muslim. The Chinese government has bulldozed homes and forcefully relocated thousands of people into prison camps— ‘re-education camps’ the government calls them. And it has confiscated passports which are required to move internally and systematically collected DNA, fingerprint and other biometric data. Persecution of any other religious groups is as bad, if not quite as focused since Uighurs are concentrated in certain areas.
Now comes news that China has passed a new law that requires people using cell phones to use face recognition as the ‘password’ to access their phones. Of course, the Chinese Communist government then collects the data and uses it to track its citizens in what has been called by The Economist magazine history’s largest “surveillance state”.

Technology can be good. But in the hands of evil men it can make carrying out evil intentions easier. China’s Communist regime is becoming expert at developing new means of using it for control of its people. We should be wary—both of China, and of the implications for encroaching on our own freedoms.

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