On Impeachment Of The President

Of course, the big news this week is that the House voted for only the third time in our country’s history to impeach the President. Actually, the impeachment hearings have been the big news for the last several weeks, understandably overshadowing almost everything else. News that would normally be the lead story has been pushed to the back pages.

Yet, nothing from Thinking Man’s Politics…until now. Why?  Because, frankly, Thinking Man is pretty disappointed in what has been going on.

The passions are inflamed on both sides of the topic and there is seemingly no ‘middle ground’ nor anyone who hasn’t formed a strong opinion. For a “thinking man” or woman, that’s concerning.

And so let’s start off with what would normally be ‘the basics’. Things that I would hope are fundamental, and that no one would argue with but inherently form the basis of any discussion of a topic of investigation of a public official.

We should all be able to agree that the primary goal is to find the truth. Agreed?  Ok, and now that we all agree on that, let’s explore that further.  The primary goal is to find the truth, no matter where it leads and no matter who is involved.

If that makes anyone uncomfortable, or if anyone is ready to add a “Yeah, but….” then we have a problem. More specifically, we have a problem because there are people who simply are not interested in finding the truth.  And if the truth isn’t the primary and most important goal, or if we qualify the search for truth in any way, then we simply don’t believe in right or wrong.  And if that is the case, then we are in a sad state, indeed.

There is a lot to be of ground to be covered on the topic of the Democrats in the House voting to impeach President Trump, and the upcoming trial in the Senate. News shows-or maybe more appropriately-opinion shows on the news have spent hours every day for the last several weeks on the topic. Yet, it seems pointless to do so. On both sides, it seems that no one has changed their mind from their position before there was any testimony from witnesses or release of documents. Before any of that happened, politicians were already jumping in front of cameras to say “He’s guilty” or “This is just a witch hunt with no crime”.

How do you say that before you see any evidence or hear any testimony? So let me go ahead and get almost everyone mad, and say the obvious, that being that many (most?) people, and the majority of our politicians, had their minds made up long ago and that means they don’t care about what is ‘right’, they care about their partisan politics. Which, my fellow citizens, is the basis of our problems—a very large number of us don’t care what is right.

It’s troubling, too, the hypocrisy on both sides that evidences itself in so many ways. Again, we could go on at length giving examples of blatant hypocrisy-things like Democrats saying they are concerned about foreign influence in our elections but then refusing to investigate the Clinton campaign who admitted buying information from a retired foreign intelligence officer, or like Republicans saying that the President was only trying to root out corruption in Ukraine, yet ignoring the fact that same President was fined $2 million last week for stealing money from his charitable foundations for his personal use. There are more examples, of course, but to go on seems like it would serve no purpose. The main goal for each side seems to be 1) to prove the ‘other side’ is bad and 2) to say, in effect, ‘they did it first’, as if that makes it all ok.

Most would agree that it’s a sad time for our country, though there would be disagreement about what makes it sad. Put this person down as being sad that we have lost our desire to find truth…to find right and wrong.

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