Finally A Punishment For Banking Crimes

Last week the former CEO of Wells Fargo John Stumpf was fined $17.5 million and has been banned from ever working in the banking industry again.

You will recall that Wells Fargo were found to have routinely created false accounts for clients in order to meet sales quotas. Regulators found that Stumpf and Wells Fargo senior management created a culture that tolerated, if not promoted, the widespread criminal behavior. Continue reading “Finally A Punishment For Banking Crimes”

An Inability To Look In The Mirror?

Hillary just can’t get over losing the last election and offering commentary on why  it happened. Reportedly, she is  launching a series on Hulu about her life and on Tuesday the Hollywood Reporter released an interview where she talked about the documentary.

In the interview she commented on her opponent in the last Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders, who did surprisingly well and got more votes than anyone had foreseen. She said that “Nobody likes him” and said “Nobody wants to work with him”. And this is coming from the candidate who was the supposed overwhelming favorite to win but ended up losing to the candidate who had the lowest approval ratings in the history of Presidential candidate polling.


Does the Logic Hold?

The gun control debate is one that is generally driven by emotion and people often have trouble looking at–or at least believing–actual data or information.

The desire to limit access to guns as a way to reduce gun violence is based on a premise that the more you limit ready access to guns, the more you will decrease gun violence. Logically, the converse is that the more guns are readily available, the more gun violence will result.  If that is true, and we agree with that as the premise for gun control, then what are we to make of events of last weekend? Continue reading “Does the Logic Hold?”

US Strikes and Iran’s Response

Earlier this week, the United States fired a missile which killed the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani. Less reported, but almost as significant, is that the missile also killed the leader of the largest militia group in Iraq with whom Soleimani was meeting.

Immediately after the strikes, politics stepped in and bitter partisans started making comments, issuing press releases either saying the missile strike was the greatest thing ever or that it was the first step toward World War III.  With a couple of days perspective, the situation and the responses have become a bit clearer, as has all the political posturing back and forth

And as usual, the truth is more nuanced. Continue reading “US Strikes and Iran’s Response”

More Than 10% of Republican Members of Congress Not Running Again

On Friday Rep. Phil Roe, a TN Congressman, announced that he would not be running for reelection. Roe makes the 25th incumbent Republican member of Congress that has said they will not run for reelection in the next election—that’s well over 10% of the total sitting GOP members of the House.  This is after the last Congressional election cycle, where there was another significant number of Congressmen and Senators who retired including seven committee chairs and the Speaker of the House. Continue reading “More Than 10% of Republican Members of Congress Not Running Again”

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