Does the Logic Hold?

The gun control debate is one that is generally driven by emotion and people often have trouble looking at–or at least believing–actual data or information.

The desire to limit access to guns as a way to reduce gun violence is based on a premise that the more you limit ready access to guns, the more you will decrease gun violence. Logically, the converse is that the more guns are readily available, the more gun violence will result.  If that is true, and we agree with that as the premise for gun control, then what are we to make of events of last weekend?

This weekend, there was a rally in Richmond, the capital of Virginia, advocating for gun rights. Police estimate the crowd at 22,000 and given Virginia’s current gun laws, a very large number of the attendees were carrying guns. Police also estimate that 1000 of the crowd were in the capital building. Out of that crowd, there are no gun crimes at all and only one arrest. That arrest was for a woman who was wearing a mask and refused to take it off when asked by police.

Does that solve the debate? No, of course. But what it does do is disapprove the most simplistic of the underlying assumptions of gun control proponents, that being that the presence of a large number of guns are the problem. Clearly the make up of the crowd, or dare we say the combined character of the crowd, that made the presence of guns immaterial and unrelated to the number of gun crimes last weekend.


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