Elizabeth Warren Becomes Donald Trump?

In what both would consider an insult, Elizabeth Warren did her best imitation of President Trump today.

As a member of the Senate, Warren submitted a question during the question and answer phase of the impeachment trial. However, her question was to the Chief Justice, who Constitutionally presides over the impeachment proceedings in the Senate. Warren asked Chief Justice Roberts if he had damaged the Supreme Court by presiding over a trial without witnesses.
Because the Chief Justice is not allowed to participate in the trial and respond to questions, the lead Democratic Impeachment Manager, Adam Schiff responded to the question and complimented Roberts on his handling of the proceedings thus far.
Aside from the fact that a US Senator doesn’t know that only the Senate can make or change the rules of the Senate, that she is running for President and doesn’t have a basic understanding of the Constitution is concerning.
But, in true Trump fashion, when she doesn’t get her way she pouts and makes personal attacks, in this case against the highest court in the land and against a person who, by law, can’t do anything. Though she says otherwise when campaigning, apparently it’s not Trump’s personality and attacks that she wants to replace, only the objects of his personal attacks.

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