And They’re Off–Presidential Election Season Kicks Off In Iowa

Last week officially kicked off the presidential election season as Iowa held its caucuses, the first event in the selection of the Democratic and Republican candidates for President. Though Iowa only selects a small number of delegates, the fact that it is the first in the nation has given it heightened attention ever since a little known governor of Georgia named Jimmy Carter used a win in Iowa to launch himself into winning the Presidency.

This year there was added drama.

Because it’s the first in the nation and because there have been over two dozen Democrats running for President this year, there was even more interest this year in the results. But with all of the buildup, everyone was left disappointed.

The Democratic Party, concerned about election tampering from the last election, rolled out a new application that would be used to report vote totals to the state. The new application had widespread problems and, to make a long story short, results were not available for two days. And even then, the head of the Democratic National Committee has called for a recount. And two candidates among the top three vote-getters, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, have also complained about voting irregularities. So, almost a week later, no one is sure who won Iowa and the results are now pretty much without significance.

It is somewhat ironic that the Party that expressed significant concerns about election interference and voting irregularities in the last Presidential election is now fighting among itself for the very same reason. It is probably a good bet that you will hear about that in the general election

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