Weekend Quick Takes

Quick takes from random news and events of the week, including ‘cruelty’ in politics, the death penalty and, it’s election season so more political happenings….


That’s what Elizabeth Warren, on the campaign trail yesterday, called a proposed Arizona law that would keep males to compete in female scholastic sports. Warren said that such a law would be ‘cruel’ to transgender students.

Rather than discuss the comments, let’s just say that if you don’t realize how someone born as a male would have physiological advantages competing in female sports then we probably just don’t have a basis for discussion.

Death Penalty

Nicholas Sutton was put to death in a Tennessee prison today for the killing of another inmate.

Sutton was sentenced to death in 1986 for killing fellow inmate Carl Estep in a conflict over a drug deal while both were incarcerated in an East Tennessee prison, where Sutton had been serving time for killing his grandmother and two others when he was 18 years old.

Note the date of his trial-1986.  Thirty-four years, more than a generation ago. Before that he had killed three other people.

Those who argue that the death penalty isn’t a deterrent should make note of that. No one would remember what happened after thirty three years. Deterrence is effective only when it is linked to an act. There should be a time limit on carrying out sentences for crimes. It not only would offer more of a deterrent, but it would save (in this case alone) hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Political ads

Twitter announced that it had shut down roughly 70 accounts linked to Michael Bloomberg. The accounts were set up by paid campaign staff. Twitter was alerted by the fact that the accounts appeared to be largely ‘copy and paste’, tweeting the exact same information. Twitter implemented new rules after the last election in response to charges that Russia, among others, attempted to manipulate election coverage.  Twitter rules say users may not “artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts” or compensate “others to engage in artificial engagement or amplification, even if the people involved use only one account.”

Isn’t it interesting that Bloomberg will criticize others who use ‘fake’ accounts but somehow it’s all ok when he does it?

More politics

And so it starts….

We had the Iowa caucuses, where the Democratic Party wasn’t able to declare a winner and two candidates as well as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee called for a recount.

Now we already have headlines that the Russians are getting involved again. First, are the predictable headlines that they are working to get Trump re-elected. Then, only days later, that they are working to get Bernie Sanders elected. Since Sanders is a self-declared socialist then that makes at least some sense (Russia was formerly called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, after all), it all seems a little too much hype.

Any historian will tell you that the USSR / Russia has tried to interfere in every US election since the 1930’s. And in the last decade, an international election monitoring groups calculated that they had tried to influence over 100 elections worldwide. Not that these facts excuse anything, but it is silly to think that this is something new and unprecedented. As a matter of fact, Thinking Man long ago predicted they would try to interfere in the 2020 elections, and will go on record now as saying they will try to influence the 2024 elections. It’s the way of the world, and we have to try to stop it but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. (as an aside, last year former President Obama directly tried to influence other countries elections when he issued press statements supporting the incumbent in the Canadian election, so let’s not be so hypocritical as to say we would never do something like that).

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