International Quick Takes

News this week from around the world: a treaty in Afghanistan, Communism and world health and the most recent example of socialism in the Americas.Peace in Afghanistan?

Last weekend, President Trump announced a peace treaty with the Taliban in Afghanistan. After the Taliban gave support and training facilities to the attackers of 9/11, the US and its allies have been fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban and al Qaeda. The hope was that the agreement would end the long war and finally bring an uneasy peace to the people of Afghanistan.

Tuesday, literally days after signing the agreement, the Taliban launched new attacks. For all of the talk that they are fighting for their religion, it seems that honoring your word is not part of that religion.

Communism Is Evil, China Is Still Dangerous

The coronavirus continues to show up in new countries around the world. Last week saw the first deaths from the virus in the US and fears of the spread plunged the stock market into its worst week since the financial crisis over a decade ago.

And as officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) continue to learn more about the initial outbreak in China, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Communist government of China has a big part of the responsibility for the outbreak.

The doctor who originally discovered the first cases (who has since died of the virus himself), was arrested by the Chinese government and forced to disavow his previous concerns. He was forced to sign a statement that was later released by the government saying that his concerns were unfounded. The government refused to admit there was an issue and made sure no other health officials would admit it, either.

The Communist dictatorship of China is the main reason that this health issue has reached the levels that it has. Strong measures early on to combat and contain the health crisis would have given us a much different outcome. But the Communist Chinese government was more concerned with ‘saving face’ than with saving lives.

One more, very tangible reason that Communism is bad and China is a problem for the world.

Socialism in Venezuela

When socialists in the United States, one of whom is running for President, are asked about socialism in places like China, or Venezuela or elsewhere they inevitably say “I’m in favor of a different kind of socialism.”  Of course they do, because the evidence is too clear from the majority of countries that have tried socialism. And we are again reminded of this in the latest out of Venezuela, which was the richest country in Latin American roughly thirty years ago.

There are shortages of almost everything, most importantly shortages of food. It’s hard to get a sense of what a food shortage is like unless you’ve lived through one (fortunately, I have not), but this tidbit from Venezuela serves as a chilling illustration.

People standing in line at government supermarkets spend hours waiting for basic necessities. So long, that it has now become routine to pass out pens so that people can tattoo a number so they don’t have to actually stand for hours.  Tattoos to get food–the legacy of socialism in Venezuela.


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