Why Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Never Caught On

Elizabeth Warren, the junior senator from Massachusetts, announced this week that she was ending her run for President. Warren’s campaign never really caught on.

While running for President, Warren lost her home state of Massachusetts.  Well, lost is a kind word. She finished third and did not get even a quarter of the vote. And she did better in Massachusetts than she did anywhere else.

So why was she in the news so much in the last year, and why did that not translate into votes? The explanation is actually pretty easy.

Late night talk host and outspoken liberal Steven Colbert commented on Warren dropping out of the race this week. Warren’s main faults, according to Colbert, included “being able to finish a coherent sentence”.

“Warren is gone now, that’s it, she’s out of the race, further proof that America cannot have nice things,” the late night host added.

And, without realizing it, Colbert hit exactly on why Warren never caught on. Warren was popular in the media and among some Hollywood celebrities. And….well, there was no more. She was a creation of the media and despite all the publicity, her actual popularity among voters was pretty small, even in her own home state where she was bested by two of the kind of people she most criticized—old, white men. Colbert implied it was because Americans are so dumb that we don’t know what’s nice and good when we see it. Maybe it’s that Colbert and his arrogant friends don’t really know what’s better for everyone else and people actually can choose for themselves. What a radical concept!

The media, and those who have access to the media, are powerful. (And, as an aside they are overwhelmingly liberal, much more radically liberal than most Americans-polls have shown this for decades.)  But as powerful as they may be, they are not the American people. As much as they keep reading their own publicity and think that they may speak for a large segment of the population, that isn’t necessarily the case. And in the case of Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy for President, the electorate just wasn’t buying what the media was selling, even in her own home state.

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