From China With Love

Now that coronavirus is affecting most everyone in the country, let’s take a step back and simply connect the dots to how we got where we are now.

The virus outbreak started months ago in China, where the government arrested the doctor who first tried to raise the alarm. The Chinese government accused him of of spreading rumors,“severely disturbing the social order.” and forced him to sign a statement recanting his earlier statements. The government then threatened anyone who talked about the spreading epidemic. Only later, when thousands or tens of thousands of people had been affected and the virus began to spread could China no longer deny what was going on (as a aside, the doctor eventually died after contracting the virus himself).

To say nothing of China’s lax food health standards that seem to be the original cause for the disease, China covered up the largest health crisis of the century (the list of which includes the H1N1 and SARS epidemics which also originated in China). It put saving face and protecting its leaders image above the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of people.Those are the priorities of the Chinese Communist government. And everything we are now experiencing as a result, originated there.

And THAT is just one more example of why Communism is still evil and China is still dangerous.

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