Are Diseases Racist?

At today’s press conference to give an update on the pandemic, the President referred to the disease as the ‘China virus’. A reporter asked if that was racist, because it was called the ‘China virus’.

The answer, “No, because it came from China.”

The reporter persisted, and said that the President ‘thought’ it came from there but suggested that we don’t know for sure where it came from. The reply, “No, we don’t ‘think’, we know where it came from.”

But, wait, they weren’t done. At least two more reporters asked questions about the implied racism of the President.

Is that really one of the important issues at hand in dealing with this crisis? Or do these reporters, who supposedly have college degrees, really not understand that ‘Chinese’ means that it is from China?

We should watch out. The next press conference will probably have questions around paying reparations for such terrible racial slurs through  history of pandemic health as the Spanish Flu and the German Measles.


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