Remember When Billionaires Come For New Stadiums

Companies can not stay in business if their expenses exceed their revenue. Companies create jobs but to stay afloat, especially in unexpected times of crisis like we are going through, they may be forced to cut staff if they are closed. That is tragic, albeit understandable. But the world of professional sports has a situation that we all should keep in mind.

America’s love affair with sports has created a situation where owners and players make a lot of money. And Thinking Man can understand if people decide that they can’t do something that causes them to lose money. But in unusual times like these, it is heartwarming to hear of players and owners who are offering to pay salaries for laid off stadium workers, for example.

Yet not every owner is doing that. Not every owner is willing to take even a temporary loss to help those less fortunate. The opinion piece below gives a great perspective on that. Most importantly, it reminds us to remember those owners the next time they come to ask taxpayers for money to build a new stadium. It can’t help but remind of the parable Jesus used in Matthew 18, where one man was forgiven a debt by another, but that forgiven man then imprisoned another who owed him a much lesser debt.

Billionaires who can’t help others, should not come to others asking for help. And when they do, we should be outraged and turn them away.

http://Opinion: Next time billionaire team owner comes looking for a handout, remember their cruelty toward employees

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