LA Lakers, Harvard University and Others Get Government Money–and Why That Should Be An Example

We have seen natural disasters, perhaps some of us have been affected by ones in the past. However, none of us have seen anything like the current pandemic. It has been more than 100 years since we have seen a health crisis in the world like this, or any other natural disaster.

Such a tragedy could not have been foreseen. And no one would argue that the government needs to help limit the devastation as much as possible, to individuals and businesses that provide jobs but have been shut down. And the Federal government passed laws to give over $2.5 trillion in help.
A key part of that funding is help targeting small businesses who would struggle to keep from going bankrupt. But we are finding that money isn’t always going where needed or intended. Continue reading “LA Lakers, Harvard University and Others Get Government Money–and Why That Should Be An Example”

Pandemic and the Law of Unintended Consequences

If you are like me and have been to the grocery store recently, you may have noticed that some of the shelves are empty, and many more are thin. We have heard about, and probably laughed at, the shortages of toilet paper. But if you look more closely it’s not just the paper goods aisle any more. If you look around, there’s more that you notice isn’t as plentiful as it once was. Maybe noting that would quite count as a shortage but there is more and more space throughout the store that is starting to be more sparse.

As we start to understand more of the impact of the lock down and restrictions put in place to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, we begin to realize that there is a growing list of things we may not have imagined would have come from it. As is often the case, there are a lot of unintended consequences. And one of those is a growing realization of the impact on the food supply chain. Continue reading “Pandemic and the Law of Unintended Consequences”

EU Says China Covered Up Virus Origins

In what is becoming more widely realized, the European Union has found that China has engaged in a public relations campaign to deflect blame for the virus that has been unleashed on the world.

Below is an article from Bloomberg, worth reporting in full. Continue reading “EU Says China Covered Up Virus Origins”

St. Louis Federal Reserve Says 30% Unemployment Possible

The President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve says that the US unemployment rate could reach 30%.

That would be higher than the financial crisis, the dot com bubble or…even the Great Depression. The article below below summarizes comment made by James Bullard, a professional economist who heads the St. Louis Fed, in a recent interview. In it, he predicts a much worse economy than anyone has yet predicted.

It Has Happened-the Worst Possible Civil Liberties Issue

Last weekend, this column wrote about how various government entities around the country have used the current pandemic as an excuse to show their power and violate, whether innocently or purposefully, civil liberties.

Tuesday saw an incident that ought to be worrisome for anyone, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum. Continue reading “It Has Happened-the Worst Possible Civil Liberties Issue”

WHO Can’t Get Out of Their Own Way

The World Health Organization (WHO) said yesterday that they did not feel it was necessary to close the ‘wet markets’ in China. You know, the place where the current coronavirus pandemic started, where we got swine flu/bird flu and other worldwide health threats.


Headlines Remind Us of Other Threat

Here is a sample of headlines from today’s newspapers:

–“Jobless Claims Top 17 Million in Past Month”

–“America’s Largest Bank Prepares for A Massive Round of Defaults”

–“Goldman: Downturn Will Be Four Times Worse Than Housing Crisis”

–“Next Wave of Layoffs Hit Staffers Working At Home As Sales Plunge”

–“Second Round of Layoffs Has Begun. No One Is Safe”

–“Mayo Clinic forced to cut $1.5 B in pay, as it projects $3 B in losses

–“Shutdown Could Kill More Americans Than Covid-19”

–“Government Mandated Shutdowns Are “Going to Kill Small Town America”

–“US GDP Projected to Fall 6% in 2020”

As we continue to battle this pandemic, we must soon start to ask the question about the balance between trying to protect against health impacts and economic devastation, which at some point becomes just as critical to people’s lives.

Sen. Tom Cotton: Coronavirus – How to make China’s Communist Party pay for the COVID-19 pandemic

The following editorial was penned by US Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton. It is quoted below in its entirety. 

The world is now in the midst of a pandemic that threatens millions. Our first priority in this emergency is suppressing the coronavirus to keep Americans safe. But our next priority must be holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable for unleashing this plague on the world.

Instead of reporting the deadly outbreak in Wuhan when it first appeared, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) engaged in a cover-up, intimidating brave whistleblowers like the late Dr. Li Wenliang, destroying samples that pointed to the virus’s origin, and shutting down a laboratory that shared the virus’s genetic sequence on the Internet. Continue reading “Sen. Tom Cotton: Coronavirus – How to make China’s Communist Party pay for the COVID-19 pandemic”

Civil Liberties and the Pandemic

A week ago Saturday, police in Kansas City “intervened” to stop a dangerous gathering of elementary school teachers.

The staff of John Fiske Elementary School decided to organize a parade of cars as a way to boost the morale of their students while they are “distance learning”. All of the teachers and administrators were in their own cars. There was literally no chance whatsoever of any virus being transmitted from car to car. But a spokeswoman for the police later explained, after the elicit gathering was descended upon by law enforcement, that the celebration of learning was not “necessary” or “essential.” Thankfully, students were saved from the threat of cheerful elementary school teachers waving to them from their vehicles. Continue reading “Civil Liberties and the Pandemic”

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