The Mayor of New York Wants Help, But Only From Certain People

New York City is the hot spot in the nation’s battle against the pandemic that started in China and has spread around the world. The state of New York has over a third of all of the cases and all of the deaths in the whole country. Yet, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is wary of medical help offered to the city.

Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief agency started by Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham, is well known for its worldwide missions to bring aid in times of natural disasters. Most recently, they sent truckloads of supplies and dozens of workers to aid in the relief efforts in Tennessee after devastating tornadoes struck there (which now seems a long time ago, but was only last month).

After New York City began to feel the devastating effects of the pandemic, and after Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked about shortages of medical supplies and personnel and the danger of hospitals being overwhelmed, Samaritan’s Purse sent an emergency hospital crew to New York City and set up a 68 bed hospital in Central Park, after earlier setting up a similar facility in Cremora, Italy.

New York’s Mayor was not happy and told reporters he was “very concerned” that such a religiously conservative organization was serving in his city. He has been regularly sending city officials to monitor the ministry’s efforts because he does not care for their religious views.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson is not happy either, and says without strong monitoring the religious group may discriminate.

A spokesman for the group again reinforced that the group was there to serve anyone in need. “We’re going to love on everybody, doesn’t matter the sex, race or age,” the spokesman said. “Just as the Good Samaritan went to someone that no one else wanted to love or other people wanted to bypass, we will not bypass, we will share the hope and love of Jesus Christ.”

That seems pretty simple to most people. But not to de Blasio, apparently. He’s tolerant…as long as everyone agrees with him. And apparently, his political bias is strong enough that he is willing to hinder aid to the hurting people of his city. The intolerance of the ‘tolerant’.

The Governor and Mayor sent out a call for help, and this faith-based charity came without condition. Bill de Blasio isn’t sure that is good enough. The people of New York deserve better.

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