The United Nations Rewards China

Despite all of the virus news, now we have this…

Last week, the United Nations appointed China as the newest member of the United Nations Human Rights Council. No, really.

Forget the face that even under normal circumstances, China is among the biggest abusers of human rights in the work and there are volumes of documentation showing that, the most recent involving the persecution of the Uyrghur minority  and Chinese war against the whole race.

But NOW, the world is suffering under a health pandemic, that is soon to become the largest economic crisis in more than a generation. In large part, this pandemic got out of control because the doctor in China who raised the alarm early on last year about the coronavirus and its potential for harm, was imprisoned by the Chinese government and forced to sign a statement disavowing everything he had said and then threatened his colleagues if they said anything about the outbreak. Even now, scientists tell us that efforts to battle the virus are hindered because China is still covering up the exact origins of the virus.

This is what the United Nations thinks is a good example of ‘human rights’. And now, of all possible times the UN thought this was a good idea. It would be a laughable horror story if it weren’t true.

This is the latest example of the dangers of internationalism. And yet there are those who still wonder why some people believe we should cut US taxpayer funding for the United Nations.

Communism is evil and China is still dangerous.

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