Bureaucratic Quick Takes

Even during a pandemic, there are people in positions of authority that mindlessly follow some bureaucratic rule book and just makes you wonder what they were thinking.

Los Angeles Bureaucrats Shut Down Restaurants…for Selling Food

Yes, it’s true. The LA Dept. of Public Health shut down restaurants that were selling groceries. The restaurants, finding their business cut to almost nothing and having some grocery stores unable to meet the total public demand, decided to start selling groceries to solve two problems.

The city’s public health department promptly shut them down. The reason? The small businesses don’t have a “grocery permit.”

“It’s not really possible for a restaurant to become a grocery store,” Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of Los Angeles County Public Health, said in a briefing yesterday. “You cannot just decide you want to sell groceries.”

So, let’s see if we have this straight…restaurants sell food for a living. They have to comply with food handling and sanitation laws for handling food. But they can’t sell food…unless they cook it first?!

Only a mindless government cog in the bureaucracy would come up with that.

Town’s Mayor Stops Hotels from Renting Rooms to Non-Profits

Florence, Kentucky, Mayor Diane Whalen told the Lexington Herald-Leader of a deal that two non-profits, Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky and Welcome House, had struck with the SpringHill Suites to rent out rooms for 40 people, who were homeless and had been staying at the local convention center, which was converted to a shelter during the virus outbreak amid the state’s ‘stay at home’ order.

The shelter’s rules only allowed the 40 people to stay for a certain period of time. When that time expired, two local agencies serving the homeless thought they would do the proverbial ‘kill two birds with one stone’ but not only helping the homeless but helping a hotel industry struggling with a 90+% loss in business.

But the Mayor was having none of it. According to the Mayor, that would violate zoning ordinances and so threatened to fine the hotel if they went forward with the deal.

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