The Same Medicine For All?

The current pandemic is something which none of us has ever experienced. Originating in China late last year, the deadly virus has spread across the world. More communicable and deadly than SARs and H1N1 Swine Flu, which also originated in China, the coronavirus has brought the world to its knees because of its rapid spread and because we know so little about it.

In the United States, just over a third of all deaths have been in New York City. Over half of the deaths in the country have been in New York and neighboring New Jersey.  Yet most of the country is sheltered at home, non-essential businesses have been closed and job losses just in the last three weeks have topped 15 million. Most of the country has imposed the same rules as there are in New York and New Jersey, and some have asked why, in those areas that haven’t imposed the rules, they aren’t forced to do so.

Are the conditions the same all over the country? Should the whole country be driven by what’s happening in New York and New Jersey? Or are we being devastated economically everywhere in response to a crisis that primarily resides in a small area?

The article below asks that question. It is one worthy of debate.

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