It Has Happened-the Worst Possible Civil Liberties Issue

Last weekend, this column wrote about how various government entities around the country have used the current pandemic as an excuse to show their power and violate, whether innocently or purposefully, civil liberties.

Tuesday saw an incident that ought to be worrisome for anyone, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum.In Raleigh, North Carolina there was a protest to advocate for lifting restrictions imposed there. Most of the protest was people sitting in their cars and honking their horns in unison every few minutes, although reportedly some people got out of their cars. The topic of the protest is not the issue, as the result of the protest was much more disturbing.

The Raleigh police arrested/ticketed a number of protesters. Their official reply-posted on their official social media account (twice)- as to why the protesters :

“Protesting is a non-essential activity”

Think about that for a moment…people were arrested because the police said disagreeing with the Governor was illegal !

Yes, in the United States!!!


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