Midweek Quick Takes

As if we need more evidence, this week brings news that reminds us of the crazy times that we are going through.

Is This What We Want?

A sign of the crazy times in which we live, and of the ego power trip that has gripped some of our politicians…

Because of the virus, Illinois has released roughly 4000 inmates from prison. Of those, a reported 64 were incarcerated after being found guilty of murder and 146 were convicted sex offenders.

The Mayor of Chicago announced that she had ordered police to arrest you if you were outside without wearing a mask.

Pandemic Partisanship

Over the weekend, former President Bush said that we should put aside ‘pandemic partisanship’ and try to work together for the common good in the face of this terrible disaster. The reaction was surprising. To some, that was a controversial statement. Really?!

The current COVID pandemic is a problem that no one alive has ever dealt with and a disease that was unknown until it appeared in China months ago. The challenge we are facing now, is to find a balance between protecting people’s health from this very infectious virus and protecting people from the economic devastation that is being caused to a large number of people and to the national and world economies. There is no right answer. It is a judgment call. And it’s very easy to understand arguments on both sides. If there is any, this is a time that it should be obvious that good people can have very different opinions and still have the best outcome at heart. There is no right or wrong, and the only unreasonable opinion is one that can’t-or refuses to-see any other side than their own.

Maybe it’s another sign of the crazy times in which we live that a call to put aside partisanship for the good of the country is somehow controversial. Let’s hope they don’t keep getting crazier.

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