Why China Is Different

This week has given us two more examples of how dramatically different the values of the Chinese Communist government are from those of people that are who value freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.

Over the last few years, China was a source for growth for basketball and interest in professional basketball had grown. But the Communist government of China is putting a halt to all that and late last year canceled an NBA game scheduled to be played there and took all broadcasts of games off the air. This week, they extended that ban, even if the season resumes

Why? Well, you may remember that last year the General Manager of an NBA team, on his personal social media account, made a comment in support of Hong Kong human rights protesters. The Chinese government didn’t like someone with a different opinion, and so banned the NBA as a result. That is how China deals with disagreement.

Need more evidence?

Last month, the government of Australia called for an ‘independent international inquiry’ into the origins of the worldwide pandemic that we have been dealing with for the last several months, and which has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and untold economic devastation.

Apparently feeling that any ‘independent’ inquiry would lead back to them, China threatened retaliation and then followed through on their threats this week by suspending all imports of Australian beef. (China is Australia’s largest trading partner and is 30% of the market for their beef exports). And that comes after they had imposed an 80% tariff on barley from Australia.

Because, you see, anyone that disagrees or dares to inquire about anything that might put the Communist government in a bad light is dangerous in their eyes. And so they must be silenced or punished. That’s Communism. And that’s another reason why Communism is evil, and China is still dangerous.

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