PA Governor Tom Wolf Flip Flops

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is upset. The Governor has issued orders locking down the state in light of the current pandemic. But as the nation has ‘flattened the curve’ and the economic devastation continues to grow, people are becoming anxious to begin reopening life. That’s especially true in areas that are not hit as hard as others. In Pennsylvania, that means that there are cities and towns that have decided they are going to pass their own ordinances that begin reopening their businesses despite the Governor’s continued lock down.

The Governor isn’t pleased. Wolf has said that he will order that any municipality that violates his order will have state and federal pandemic relief funds withheld. If they go against him, he will make them pay financially rather than distributing relief money that the federal government gave states to distribute, and he will keep state money, as well. Wolf doesn’t believe that municipalities have a right to decide to ignore a state executive order

Let’s go back two years. Then the topic was so called ‘sanctuary cities’. The question was over cities and municipalities that said that would not cooperate with federal law enforcement and would be a sanctuary for illegal aliens, people who were wanted by the federal government for violating immigration laws and, if actively being tracked by the government were almost always wanted for other violent crimes. At that time, Wolf came out against withholding any money from ‘sanctuary cities’ and urged the Dept. of Justice not to pursue it. And when the topic came up in the Pennsylvania Legislature, he said he would veto any bill to withhold money.

So, it’s not that Tom Wolf has a problem with cities and towns that ignore state or federal law. It’s that Wolf has a problem with them ignoring HIS orders.

Wolf clearly isn’t concerned about the rule of law. His primary concern is his personal power. Forgot what you think about either of the specific issues, shouldn’t our leaders at least be consistent. In this case, only one thing is clear: that Tom Wolf is a hypocrite.

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