Racism is Ok in One Circumstance

A hallmark of racism is when there is an assumption that a group of people are all alike: that they all act alike, speak the same way, think the same way and can be judged by a stereotype that simply must be true because they are a member of a certain group and everyone in that group has to be alike.Well, in that aspect of racism, Joe Biden showed us that he fits the part this past week. Biden said that African-Americans who vote Republican weren’t ‘really Black’. So, in Biden’s view, any Black person who thinks differently than he does, doesn’t just disagree but they ‘aren’t black’, they betray their race, apparently. So, by extension, according to Biden, all Blacks should think alike, should all have the same opinion and should vote the same way because….well, just because they are Black. No other reason is needed. They have to think that way just because they’re Black.

Apparently, this is ‘acceptable racism’. Apparently, it’s ok for major party political candidates to insult groups of people of a particular race because they think differently. How sad. How appalling.

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