We Have Gone Too Far in What We Tolerate

We should be concerned, very concerned.

We should be concerned that no one seems to speak up in outrage at certain things. But only certain things. When we see outrage and heinous acts, such as what happened to George Floyd, we somehow seem to assume we have to turn a blind eye to anything that is done (or claims to be done) in response to that. Why is that? Why do we have to check our brains? By doing so, we implicitly say that these things are OK. I offer that is wrong. Wrong and is just as outrageous and to not say so implies hypocrisy at its height. Here is the example that spun me up:

In Seattle, far-left radicals have declared an autonomous country and have taken up arms to enforce it (apparently, the gun free zone declarations there don’t really work anymore, but I digress)

chaz entrance

David Ryder/Getty Images

Days ago, protesters turned violent and attacked a local police precinct. The police, rather than meet violence with violence, decided to abandon the precinct rather than fight to enforce the law. The ‘protesters’ then, over the next several days, set up a 6 block perimeter and barricaded it off (you are probably surprised and thought they were against building walls, but again we digress). They declared themselves a free, self-governing area, the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ (CHAZ). They have armed guards posted at the entrances to the area and only allow in people that meet their approval. In one case, they found someone within the 6 block autonomous zone who did not agree with their self-declared creed (the person had the nerve to be pro-life and worse, to actually admit it) and that person was forcibly escorted outside CHAZ (because they value tolerance and diversity, of course).

More, their organizing committee is trying to decide the next place in the country where they will forcibly take over and forcibly remove anyone that disagrees with them. Some reports have it that Nashville may be the next target.

Yet the police have acted with restraint. And very few people seem outraged. And more, most of us probably even haven’t heard about it. And so maybe the final, but maybe most significant question is to ask why most people haven’t heard about it. And maybe that says a whole lot about the national media.

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