A Ray of Sunshine in Seemingly Dark World

(I have borrowed heavily from several news reports and pictures from Britain for this story of hope)

A story that has captured a hopeful, valiant, inspiring moment in a troubled Britain, and troubled world — reports and pictures of a Black Lives Matter protester hoisting an injured man, suspected of being a radical counter-demonstrator, onto his shoulder to extricate him from a violent melee near Waterloo Bridge.

On Saturday, there were protests in central London that became heated and violent. In the midst of it, Patrick Hutchinson, a black Briton, has been hailed as a savior for carrying the prone white man with a shaved head to safety.

The British tabloids and others called Hutchinson a ‘hero’ and accolades poured in on social media from all over. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said, “Patrick Hutchinson’s instincts in that moment represent the best of us.”

In an interview with Britain’s Channel 4, Hutchinson said he arrived at the scene to see the man on the ground, under attack by protesters.

Hutchinson rushed over and he and his friends (‘mates’, if you are in Britain) formed a cordon around the man.

“If the other three police officers that were standing around when George Floyd was murdered had thought about intervening, and stopping their colleague from doing what he was doing, like what we did, George Floyd would be alive today still,” Hutchinson said

To his great credit, Hutchinson acted differently and likely saved a man from being beaten to death by protesters. A man who, from the context and reports of witnesses on the scene, Hutchinson may have had very little in common with. THAT is the mark of character-to do what is right, no matter who is being victimized.

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