Mental Midgets and Social Miscreants

‘Protesters’ in Madison, WI last night hit a new low. Low, because in this case, it’s not about protesting injustice, it’s about wanton destruction for no reason other than they want to destroy…. for the fun of it. And, worse, are using an important issue to ‘justify’ their lust for violence. They are just terrible people and blights on society in every possible way.

Protesters last night marched on the State Capitol where they tore down two monuments. One, was of Col. Hans Heg. Protesters got a tow truck and pulled down the statue. They then beheaded the statue and took it and dumped it in a nearby lake.

As most people with historical awareness of the Civil War would realize, Heg and Wisconsin fought on the side of the Union during the war. But in the case of Heg, he was known for more that his war service. Heg, an immigrant, was an avid abolitionist who led an anti-slave catcher militia helping slaves escape before the war. He later joined the Union army and was killed in the Battle of Chickmauga in north Georgia in 1863, fighting for his adopted country and against slavery.

Oh, and the other….the other monument was ‘Lady Forward’, a Statue of Liberty-like monument memorializing the state’s motto “Forward”. And for good measure, the crowd also threw a few Molotov cocktails into government buildings and beat a state senator.

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