Weekend Quick Takes

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Can’t Do Math

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week criticized several fellow governors for how they have handled the coronavirus pandemic. He specifically called out governors who he thought opened their economies too early such as in Florida.
The statistics:
• New York has roughly one-quarter of all the deaths in the country.
• New York has roughly one-fifth of all the confirmed cases in the country.
• New York has almost ten times the number of deaths as Florida, although      Florida has a population about 10% higher
• New York has more than three times the total number of cases as Florida.
• New York’s case death rate is also three times higher than Florida
• Though Florida’s population is the oldest in the country, New York has had    more nursing home deaths.

So tell me again why Gov. Cuomo’s opinion on how to handle a pandemic matters? He should probably look in the mirror if he is trying to find where the problems have been.

The US Government and Accurate Records

The US Treasury Dept. announced this week that well over a million stimulus checks, for $1.4 billion, where sent to people who were dead. THAT shows us why voting by mail is a really bad idea.

Facebook and Censorship

Mark Zuckerburg, founder and owner of Facebook has testified before Congress to account for several confirmed and alleged misdeeds. Facebook has had to pay fines more than once for sharing private data without authorization or contrary to their own guidelines. Among the other instances was a charge that it was disproportionately censoring conservative posts and comments. Zuckerburg denied the widespread charges and said there were strict guidelines used to monitor conversation on his platform.

In a recent undercover investigation, it seems that may not actually be the case. In the most blatant case, Facebook ‘content monitor’ Lara Kontakos is quoted on cell phone video saying that when she sees symbols backing certain political candidates she “deletes them for terrorism” She then turns to look at her co-workers and says “I think we are all doing that.”

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