The Legacy of Rep. John Lewis

It seems these days that we can’t respect people of different political opinions, that it’s either ‘all or nothing’ on both extremes and anything but agreement on every last issue leads to vitriolic name-calling.

I would hope that today could be an exception to that. Today, the motorcade of Rep. John Lewis takes him toward his final resting place after he passed away late last week. Whether you belonged to the same political party as he did, or agreed with his politics in his later years, Lewis was a one of the important figures in our nation’s history. Lewis was a key figure in fighting for the civil rights of roughly a tenth of our country’s citizens.

Yesterday, his body was carried over the bridge in Selma, AL as a memorial to that same march that he made half a century ago. He was a man who personally sacrificed for what he believed and in doing so, brought about change-peaceful change-and helped correct an historic wrong and crime against so many. On this day, we can all respect a man for that!

The Racism Of Those Against Racism

One of the challenges that we face these days, one which almost boggles in the mind, is that people are coming up with all sorts of ‘definitions’ of racism. They are modifying it to fit their personal political agenda.

Racism is treating someone differently on the basis of their race. Period, end of conversation. Race should not be an issue in employment, housing or similar things, right? It’s pretty straightforward. Everyone should have the same opportunity, no matter who they are. Continue reading “The Racism Of Those Against Racism”

New York Times Against Free Speech (Again)

Last month, a New York Times editorial page editor was forced to resign because (gasp) he actually ran an editorial from a conservative US Senator, Tom Cotton.

In the latest incident,  staff editor and writer Bari Weiss announced her resignation earlier this week, decrying the newspaper’s workplace culture as “hostile” toward staffers who hold anything other than far left ideologies. Continue reading “New York Times Against Free Speech (Again)”

Protests Are No Longer About Equality

Video recently surfaced of an incident a couple of weeks ago where BLM ‘protesters’ attacked a church in New York.

On June 28, violent protesters repeatedly tried to block the entrance to a church. In one video, people who say they are protesting for tolerance and diversity harassed  a mother and her three small children trying to enter the church. The mob verbally attacked her, shouting, “This is no house of God,” “Why are you bringing a baby into a church?” and “I’m calling [Child Protective Services] on you.” Continue reading “Protests Are No Longer About Equality”

Nikki Haley On The Cancel Culture

‘Politically correct’  or ‘PC culture’ has transformed itself into a more radical (and dangerous) movement, the ‘Cancel Culture’. In this new transformation, if you think wrong or, God forbid, actually express a contrary opinion you are to be berated and your whole life becomes under attack by those who know what’s best for all of us.

In an opinion piece (link below), former Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley offers why this mindset is so bad, and indeed so un-American. It’s worth the time to read.

From the article:

“If someone says or does something that offends someone else, the mob comes after their jobs, their families, their futures. People of goodwill are being told they have no right to talk, and if they do, they’re forced to shut up.”

The NBA Has Officially Put A Price On Its Principles

The NBA, as most sports organizations, sells custom jerseys that allows you to put your name or whatever you may want on the back. This year, in support of recent events aiming to fight for social justice, the league has said that it will even allow players to put something in support of their favorite cause on their jerseys where normally their name would be.

One thing, however, is forbidden even to be sold as a custom jersey. Continue reading “The NBA Has Officially Put A Price On Its Principles”

Support the Words and the Meaning, Not the Organization

Monday was the anniversary of the founding of the Black Lives Matter organization a few years ago. As such, it seemed like a good time to discuss current events and the organization that has become very closely linked to the loose movement to raise issues of equality. Continue reading “Support the Words and the Meaning, Not the Organization”

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