Tearing Down A Monument To A Black Abolitionist

“Protesters” yesterday tore down another monument. In the latest incident, the victim was a monument to Frederick Douglas. You may remember him from your history class:  born into slavery, he escaped and became an abolitionist and famous orator. Mostly self-taught, he also wrote several books and became a living refutation of the argument of slave owners that enslaved individuals did not have the intellect to function by themselves much less rise to be prominent members of society. During the Civil War, Douglas also recruited for the 54th Massachusetts regiment in which his son served and which was the first black regiment in action. (Of course, the 54th Mass regiment was in the news recently, as well, as recently ‘protesters’ in Massachusetts also tore down a monument honoring them because….well, other than a low IQ that does not appear to reach double digits, we aren’t really sure why they did that either).

Wanton destruction and violence in the name of ‘protests’ is now a daily occurrence. That isn’t protest. More, it’s damaging the cause that the original protests argued for. And when you are destroying monuments to abolitionists, to people who fought for equality and for the cause you say you march and fight for, then let’s call it what it is—you are just stupid.

It’s past time for protest leaders to come out and publicly condemn the violence. (I could be missing it, as I have cut way back on my consumption of ‘news’, but thus far the silence is deafening)  If you are against mindless violence and injustice, you ought to be against it everywhere. If you only speak up when it happens in certain places but not others, then you don’t have a principle, you have a preference.

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