The NBA Has Officially Put A Price On Its Principles

The NBA, as most sports organizations, sells custom jerseys that allows you to put your name or whatever you may want on the back. This year, in support of recent events aiming to fight for social justice, the league has said that it will even allow players to put something in support of their favorite cause on their jerseys where normally their name would be.

One thing, however, is forbidden even to be sold as a custom jersey.

The one thing, yes the only thing, which is forbidden is a jersey with the words “freehongkong” on the back. In the fight for social justice and individual freedom, the NBA has limits.  They may support equal rights in the US but that they will not support justice for the people of Hong Kong.

You see, the NBA has targeted China as its major growth market and has begun playing games there each year. And China has said that if they do anything to criticize the Communist government’s crackdown on protests in Hong Kong, that they won’t allow that. And so the NBA has decided that their pocket book is more important than other people’s freedom. Shame on the NBA!

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