Protests Are No Longer About Equality

Video recently surfaced of an incident a couple of weeks ago where BLM ‘protesters’ attacked a church in New York.

On June 28, violent protesters repeatedly tried to block the entrance to a church. In one video, people who say they are protesting for tolerance and diversity harassed  a mother and her three small children trying to enter the church. The mob verbally attacked her, shouting, “This is no house of God,” “Why are you bringing a baby into a church?” and “I’m calling [Child Protective Services] on you.” The video ends with the crowd chanting, “Save those kids” and one protester yelling, “Save those babies.” The obvious irony of shouting that while part of an organization aligned with  Planned Parenthood seemed lost on the harasser.

Another clip shows a black family having to be escorted into the church while being screamed at by those protesting that ‘black lives matter’.

At one point, a male churchgoer attempted to get past the mob, who actually hauled him away. That’s when punches started being thrown and the confrontation turned from hostile to violent and police had to intervene to break up the fight.

It’s not about equal rights anymore. It’s the left-wing radicals who have taken over and are lashing out abusively and violently at anyone who dares to think differently than they do.


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