Quick Takes-Crazy Times Bring Crazy Stories

Rioters, eugenics and political hypocrisy. All in stories from the week found in this edition of Quick Takes

Planned Parenthood Decides It Really Shouldn’t Be Honoring Its Racist, Eugenics Proponent Founder

Planned Parenthood’s clinic in New York decided to take down the name of its founder, Margaret Sanger and the honorary street sign in front of the clinic. One wonders why it took so long, as Sanger was one of the truly disgusting figures in American history. She founded the organization that later became Planned Parenthood in large part because of her anti-black views and her belief in eugenics, which promotes selective breeding to supposedly improve the human race.

And yet there was never any outrage from liberal political circles about Sanger, or that the organization she founded continued to honor ‘her legacy’?

Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, Free Molotov Cocktails?

Law enforcement called it criminal, the protester/rioter who threw a firebomb at a police stations in Washington DC said it was free speech.

Jarrett Jeremy Pace, on the night he set the fire, had said on Facebook he wanted to burn a police station “to the ground”. When he went to do just that, he was caught and arrested.

Pace claims that he was exercising his First Amendment rights and his lawyer argued in court papers that, as such, Pace should be released.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Decides to Give Another Example of His Ability to Do An About-Face With A Straight Face

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he had added 10 states to the mandatory quarantine order for travelers entering New York. That brought the total to 31 states.

And if you are wondering, yes, this is the same Gov. Andrew Cuomo who threatened to sue other governors early in the pandemic, when they were checking travelers from New York who were entering their states to tell them that they needed to quarantine if they had any symptoms.

This is just the most recent example of Cuomo’s hypocrisy. You see, Gov. Cuomo has become the chief proponent of “I don’t do as I say, but you should.”

Pelosi On Names for the Virus

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had earlier said that it was racist to refer to the virus as the ‘Chinese virus’ because that was racist, even though the virus actually originated in China.

In public remarks this week, Pelosi this week referred to the Covid-19 as the ‘Trump virus’.

So ‘Chinese virus’ bad, ‘Trump virus’ ok?



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