The Legacy of Rep. John Lewis

It seems these days that we can’t respect people of different political opinions, that it’s either ‘all or nothing’ on both extremes and anything but agreement on every last issue leads to vitriolic name-calling.

I would hope that today could be an exception to that. Today, the motorcade of Rep. John Lewis takes him toward his final resting place after he passed away late last week. Whether you belonged to the same political party as he did, or agreed with his politics in his later years, Lewis was a one of the important figures in our nation’s history. Lewis was a key figure in fighting for the civil rights of roughly a tenth of our country’s citizens.

Yesterday, his body was carried over the bridge in Selma, AL as a memorial to that same march that he made half a century ago. He was a man who personally sacrificed for what he believed and in doing so, brought about change-peaceful change-and helped correct an historic wrong and crime against so many. On this day, we can all respect a man for that!

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