Portland-Where Innocent People Fear To Tread

The city of Portland is now in its third month of nightly violent ‘protests’—more than 65 straight nights. Protests that started as a call for social justice and justice under the law in the wake of George Floyd’s death, now are simply mindless violence against anything and anyone that happens to be close.

After two straight months of violence, in the last week rioters injured twenty law enforcement personnel.  This while attacking the Federal courthouse, a police station and other property in the area. And in an odd note, since the riots started, rioters have done an estimated $400,000 in damage to fire trucks. Yes, fire trucks.

On Tuesday, a videographer was taping the violence when a small group started following him. As he handed the camera to a companion, one of the group came up and put a knife through his shoulder blades…on camera. Yet no arrest has yet been made.

Then, Thursday night, rioters severed the head of a pig, put a police officer’s hat on the severed head, put it on an American flag and then set it all on fire.

Saturday night, the protests turned to book burning, as well.  Video posted on Twitter showed a group holding a BLM sign, while tossing a stack of Bibles into a fire.

Even grandmothers in Portland are getting involved. One young person reportedly associated with Antifa has been preliminarily identified and is the subject of a manhunt after he was videotaped throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Federal courthouse. The pictures matched a social media post from a woman, bragging that she had just bought her grandson a protective vest at a local sporting goods store because, she said,her grandson had was participating every night in the protests.  She posted a picture of him wearing the vest.

Some have tried to defend the constant violence—how, is somewhat hard to comprehend.

US Attorney Billy Williams, the top Federal law enforcement official in Oregon since 2015 was incredulous at the media attempts to downplay the violence.  In a press conference, Williams asked a reporter why he refused to call the activity ‘criminal’.

“You use ‘late night activity’; it sounds like it’s a party. It’s criminal”, observed Williams, asking why the reporter tried to brush off the violence.


In an interview roughly two weeks ago, the Mayor of Portland gave an emotional plea decrying the nightly violence that had gone on for so long. When Federal agents came to the city to defend the Federal courthouse and help stem the violence, the Mayor quickly become more interested in a turf battle, holding press conferences repeatedly to tell the Federal forces to leave and then blaming them for the violence (though leaving unanswered how that could be if the violence started roughly two months before Federal marshals arrived).

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