New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo-A Hypocrite Of Notable Fame Even Among Politicians

A brief history of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcements on checkpoints for travelers.
March 28
Gov. Cuomo says that forcing New York citizens to quarantine and to seal the state’s borders would be a “Federal declaration of war”.
When other states starting checking travelers from New York, he went on “I don’t think it’s legal.” When Rhode Island begins to stop cars with NY plates at the border, Cuomo threatens to sue.
Aug. 5
Gov. Cuomo requires air passengers to be screened when coming from 34 other states and Puerto Rico.
New York City sets up checkpoints at bridges entering the city
Data note: New York state leads the nation in the number of deaths from Covid-19. The state with the second highest total–neighboring New Jersey-has less than half New York’s total. California has the third highest number of deaths. New York has more than three times as many deaths as California.

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