Change In Police? We Are Seeing It

Outcries in some circles for widespread changes in police departments across the country, and media highlighting police misdeeds (appropriately so) but downplaying of riot violence and literal armed rebellion-with a number of ‘journalists’ refusing even to call it violence, are having an effect.

Carmen Best, the black female police chief in Seattle, resigned yesterday over the lack of support police there have from the city government. Her resignation comes after armed rioters attacked a police precinct building and took over several city blocks for several weeks, with the Seattle mayor refusing to enforce the law and remove the rebels. Then late last week, the city cut the police budget by $3.5 million dollars for the rest of the year and announced, despite ongoing armed riots, that it was cutting 100 officers

The police chief in Nashville resigned in June, to be effective sometime this fall. Yesterday, it was announced his last day will be this Thursday.

The police chief in Milwaukee resigned after the Police and Fire Commission issued directives so restrictive that 100 law enforcement organizations who had previously promised help during the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee withdrew their offers.

Parts of Chicago have become a literal war zone, with more gun deaths that Kabul, Afghanistan.

Retirements and resignations in the New York City police department are up over 30% compared to a similar period last year.

And the list goes on and on.

‘Coincidentally’, murders are up over 35% in the country in July compared to last year.

Certainly some changes are needed and overdue. But the reaction and hate directed at police in some quarters are way out of line.

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