Law Enforcement Is Fleeing Portland-The Mayor And District Attorney Are Glad

Law enforcement is literally fleeing Portland. Maybe we should pull everything else from US taxpayers with them.

As Portland becomes one of the most unsafe places on the planet, law enforcement is leaving Portland, and leaving because of Portland’s leaders. Both Federal and State law enforcement have now abandoned the city because they can’t get support from city officials. Portland is in the midst of over seventy straight days of riots and violence. So far the tally is in the tens of millions of dollars in damage (including over $100,000 just to fire trucks, believe it or not), untold job losses on top of the already catastrophic job losses from the pandemic and damage that will take years to repair, if the city ever recovers at all.

Rioting, violence and looting have become widespread nightly events and Portland’s Mayor and District Attorney have allowed it to happen. And they not only allowed their own city to continue to be destroyed, they neglected to protect Federal and State property, as well.

Regular attacks damaged the Federal Courthouse and kept anyone from being able to use the building and do their jobs. After the Portland Mayor refused to intervene and defend Federal property, the Federal government sent in its own law enforcement to defend Federal facilities (which, for reference, they are responsible for doing, by statute). After the Mayor held press conferences to say they weren’t needed (though he couldn’t explain what he was doing to stop the ongoing attacks against Federal property), Federal forces left the city on the promise that he would ensure that the Courthouse and other Federal buildings were protected.

But the Mayor wasn’t about to change and allow Portland police to do their job, so Oregon State Police were called in to defend Federal buildings and to assist in controlling the violence. But Portland’s leaders didn’t like that either.

After two weeks, Oregon State Police announced that they were pulling out of Portland, as well, because Portland’s District Attorney was refusing to prosecute people who had been arrested for violence and looting. With criminals not being prosecuted, there is no reason for law enforcement to stay.

Bad people in Portland are doing bad things.  The Mayor and District Attorney don’t care. The hypocrisy of it all is that the Mayor has called for help from the Federal government for its budget problems.

If the people of Portland, through their leaders, want to allow their city to be destroyed by months of mindless violence, with Molotov cocktails being the favorite local happy hour drink, then maybe we should let them do that. But only on the conditions that no one else has to pay for the consequences. Pull all Federal government offices and employees out of Portland, permanently. Pull all money for law enforcement, because they obviously don’t want it and aren’t using it. Pull out all money for housing assistance because they won’t protect the buildings that they have. Pull out all money for economic incentives, help for businesses and any stimulus money because they are doing everything possible to destroy businesses and make sure the jobs they create go with them. No Federal money should go to Portland at all.  As with a child, let Portland feel the full consequences of its actions. Learn to live with what your actions create or change your actions. Portland’s leaders are children, but unfortunately ones that are destroying the city and people’s lives with it.

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