Mail-In Elections-The Results Are In

During this pandemic year, an objective observer has enough data and information to determine whether mail-in voting is viable and if it can be relied on as an effective way to conduct elections.

In the recent primary election in Nevada, more than 223,000 ballots were sent to the wrong address.  In Clark County, which includes Las Vegas and where roughly 75% of the state’s population resides, 17% of all mailed ballots were sent to the wrong address.

In Patterson, New Jersey earlier this year, a local election was conducted exclusively by mail because of the pandemic. In that election, 19% of all ballots were thrown out either because they were fraudulent or incorrectly addressed or returned without proper validation.

When you hear the news media say ‘without any evidence’ people are claiming that mail-in balloting promotes fraud, they are lying either because of lazy journalism or because they have their own agenda. Whatever the reason, there is plenty of evidence that mail-in voting doesn’t work. When you have two large examples where just under a fifth of all ballots could not be used, that’s pretty good evidence to any objective observer.

The real question should be, with all of that evidence why would someone keep pushing mail-in elections?

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