Thursday Quick Takes

Law and order, and North Korea deprivations. All in this Thursday’s quick updates of items in the news.

Feds Arrest Suspects In 90 Murders

The Federal government announced yesterday that Federal and local governments had arrested large numbers of suspects in violence in the country’s largest cities, including suspects in 90 murders.

‘Operation Legend’ as the Federal effort was called, was named after 4-year old LeGend Taliferro who was killed in Kansas City after violence there earlier this year. The operation was initiated in the last month to combat rapidly rising violence in large cities across the country.

Many local officials have said they don’t want Federal law enforcement in their cities, for some reason. Yet it’s hard to argue against the effectiveness. If, with Federal help, we have been able to (hopefully) solve 90 murder cases in one month and take hundreds of other violent offenders off the streets, how can that be a bad thing?

“Operation Legend is not to harass,” said Charron Powell, the mother of the young Kansas City victim. “It is to help investigate unsolved murders, in which one of those happens to be our innocent, 4-year-old son. This operation is personal to us. We want justice for our son and others. We have to take a stand in our communities and speak up to help this operation be successful.”

 Mayor Bill de Blasio Wants Your Papers, But Only If You Are A US Citizen

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio issued an executive order on Tuesday that requires anyone visiting New York to fill out a ‘quarantine questionnaire’ and carry proof that they have filled it out with fines of up to $10,000 and involuntary confinement in a hospital for non-compliance. Hotels and short term rentals can also be fined and closed if they do not require these papers from their customers.

Isn’t it terribly ironic that de Blasio is against any papers or requirement to register for anyone coming from outside the country to New York illegally but has promised to fine and potentially lock up any US citizen coming to New York legally if they don’t have the appropriate papers?

And do you wonder if churches or other groups will begin offering ‘sanctuary’ to those that don’t have the proper papers?

North Korea Announces Pets Are Decadent And Will Be Confiscated

Years of problems in North Korea may be getting worse. Earlier this month, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un announced that he would release food from his personal stockpile to help feed areas hit by floods (in North Korea, the leader has his own stockpile so that he is always well fed even if the people aren’t).

In a sign of potentially how desperate things are becoming in North Korea, a South Korean newspaper has reported that Kim Jong Un has announced that dogs are a luxury and a sign of Western ‘decadence’ among the people. The North Korean will confiscating pets and turning them over to zoos or to restaurants for food.

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