Things That Make You Go “Hmmm….”

Protests For Mail-In Voting

Last week, a group estimated at just over a hundred people gathered to protest for mail-in voting, suggesting that during the pandemic that in-person voting was too dangerous.

So If I am following, a hundred people all got together in person to say that in person voting is dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed?

Immigration Highlighted At DNC

At this past week’s Democratic National Convention, one of the highlighted segments was regarding immigration and, specifically, the case of Alejandra Juarez.

The funny thing about her case, which wasn’t highlighted of course, was that she tried to sneak across the border originally in 1998 and was deported by the Clinton Administration. She sneaked into the country again, contrary to the requirements of her deportation order, and was caught  during a traffic stop in 2013 and turned over to the Federal government due to the earlier order. The Obama Administration held her and began deportation processing and the case has dragged on until 2018, when she was deported in accordance with the charges filed when she was taken into custody in 2013.

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