CNN Contributor Doesn’t Like Her Standards Applied To Her

CNN Contributor and Senior Lecturer at Yale, Asha Rangappa, doesn’t like when people correct her. And she threatens them when they do.

Former UN Ambassador and SC Governor Nikki Haley gave a speech last week at the Republican National Convention. Doing the exact thing that she says is racist in others, she goes to social media to ask why Haley, whose parents are from India, changed her name from “Nimrata” to “Nikki”, implying that she was playing into racial stereotypes and was ashamed of her heritage.

A recent journalism school graduate and intern at a conservative media outlet point out Rangappa’s error. Haley was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa as cited on her birth certificate. Since childhood, Haley has gone by her middle name, “Nikki” meaning “little one” in Punjabi. She assumed her husband’s last name when she got married.

Well, Rangappa, all tucked in her ivory tower, didn’t like anyone questioning her or fact-checking her comments. She went to social media and posted to her tens of thousands of followers, the phone number and email address of the young intern so that her followers could harass this young woman. Rather than just say that she made a mistake or reacted out of anger, she had to attack the young woman (obviously, she doesn’t think that ALL women should be helped and encouraged by other women).

And oddly, Twitter didn’t de-activate Rangappa’s account for what appears to be a clear violence of their ‘standards of conduct’ for the social medium.

And just to add to the childishness of the tantrum by the CNN contributor, Rangappa’s full name is Renuka Asha Rangappa but she goes by her middle name, Asha.

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