Education At Home-Principal Calls Police

In Colorado, police were called on a young man- who was learning from home-because a teacher saw a toy gun on the desk during the Zoom call.

Police never called the parents and, in fact, refused to show the parents the video. The mother was only able to see the video of the toy gun on the body camera of the police officer who came to the house.

For educators who often complain about not getting support of parents in learning, this seems like an odd way to get support. Not only was it a toy gun, but the teacher and principal totally took the parents out of the equation. Imagine what the parent-teacher conference will be like later in the year. I can tell you what it would be like if I were that parent.

An as much as we talk about concern about equality of opportunity in education, here is a minority young man who now has a permanent record of bringing a gun-like toy to school (which in this case, was his home).

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