This Genetics Stuff Is So Confusing

You Can Choose Your Gender?

Comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah is offended by gender reveal parties. Why? Because, he says, the child hasn’t picked their gender yet.

While supposedly doing a routine about recent news that a wildfire in CA was potentially started at a gender reveal party, Noah went off on a bit of a tangent and said such parties are ‘outdated’ and laid this bit of ‘Woke’ knowledge on the crowd, saying children don’t “know” their gender until they are old enough to choose one themselves.

Joking that if you are going to have a ‘reveal party’ then maybe drop pink or blue colored water on the fire, Noah then got deeply serious. “And aside from all the damage it can cause, celebrating a baby’s genitalia is starting to feel very outdated. Like, given everything we’re learning about gender, gender reveal parties should only happen when the child is old enough to know their actual gender,” he said.

You can’t make this stuff up.

And You Can Choose Your Race?

A doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison issued a public apology this week after accusations emerged online that ‘they’ were presenting as a person of color despite being mostly of Italian ancestry.

CV Vitolo-Haddad — who uses they/them pronouns to describe….um, themself (which, crazy me, I always thought was plural—are ‘they’ schizophrenic)  — wrote in a post this week  that ‘they’ resigned from a teaching position (yes, with public tax dollars) and stepped down as co-president of UW-Madison’s chapter of the Teaching Assistants’ Association graduate workers’ union. Vitolo-Haddad was also at one point director of the school’s speech and debate team.

This comes the same week as Jessica Krug a professor at George Washington Univ., resigned after admitting that for years she had pretended to be black though she is not. “I have built my life on a violent anti-Black lie,” she said in a blog post. Her admission came after several colleagues had begun to question her on things they found inconsistent with her story.

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