A New Low In US ‘Protests’

Last night, two police officers were ambushed in Los Angeles. Video shows two police officers sitting in their car outside a train station in Compton when someone walked up and shot them in the head, then ran off.

The officers miraculously were able to call for help and an ambulance rushed to the scene.

Somehow, some BLM-aligned protesters were at the hospital and knew the ambulance was carrying police officers. As the ambulance approached, ‘protesters’ blocked the entrance to the emergency room and began chanting “Let them die. Let them die.”

Police had to clear a way so that the ambulance carrying two people with gunshot wounds to get to the hospital.

Let’s call those terrible beings what they are–they are accomplices to attempted murder. The police department should have published the photos of every one there chanting and then, if ever called, refused to help them. And the police could legitimately claim self-defense and fear in doing so.

Why are there politicians that continue to order police to tolerate this kind of behavior in the name of ‘protest’?


Update:  as of this writing, the officers are alive but in critical condition.

A local media outlet has also expressed outrage. It seems a member of the media rushed the scene of the shooting, trying to get pictures with her camera. The police threw her to the ground and arrested her. After all, they had just arrived at the scene where someone had walked up out of the blue and shot two officers. By her own admission, she didn’t identify herself, but yet the entitled media thought she shouldn’t have been arrested. Frankly, she’s lucky she didn’t get shot.

The arrogance of the media, who think they are entitled to do anything at any time, needs to quit being tolerated.

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