Election Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy among politicians probably shouldn’t surprise us. But combine the pandemic with election season, and it’s reaching new levels.

Money In Politics

Former NY City Mayor and staunch liberal Michael Bloomberg has said that he will spend $100 million in Florida along in the final push to Election Day in November. And this is after he dropped out of the race for President back in early March, where he spent half a billion dollars (yea, with a ‘b’).

Fellow liberal Tom Steyer also self-financed a run for the Democratic nomination for President and spent just over a quarter of a billion dollars. After getting few votes, he also dropped out early and ended up spending roughly $1600 per vote received.

These two liberal activists alone will spend pushing $1 billion on this November’s elections. Yet, there is no outrage among liberals about out of control political spending, no feature TV segments or feature articles by print media. Why is that? This election cycle, spending is projected to break every record yet the reporting on it is noticeably less. Could it be that liberals and the media are no longer concerned about rich people buying elections? Or is it that the concern about election spending was only when conservative mega-donors were spending large amounts and that the level of concern depends only on who the money is being spent by and who they are supporting?

Federal Revenue Sharing

Trump wants to withhold funds from cities that “forbids the police force from intervening to restore order amid widespread or sustained violence or destruction,” and whether a jurisdiction has pulled back law enforcement after being prevented access to a certain area.

Several prominent liberals expressed outrage and argued that the President shouldn’t, and can’t, tie Federal funds to any policy that he wants to make cities enforce.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has come out with a campaign ad that says that  Biden will withhold funds unless cities adopt his standards on use of force  (“Reforming policing in this country means creating a national standard on use of force and conditioning federal funds for police departments on adoption of that standard.”

There was no opposition to withholding Federal funds to cities for failure to comply with Federal policy, in that case.

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