Arrogance Of The Media

As if it wasn’t already apparent, the elites in the media continue to provide examples of their extreme arrogance and their belief that their profession entitles them to do anything they want.

The most recent example comes from Los Angeles, where days ago video shows two police officers sitting in their car outside a train station when a person walked up to the car and shot both officers.

One of the officers was able to call for help and both were rushed to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, where a mob had gathered and was blocking the entrance while chanting “Let them die. Let them die.”

Police arrested one protester who refused to move from the entrance after ordered to do so.

It’s at this point that NPR station KPCC reporter Josie Huang decided she would insert herself to get a story (NPR—a taxpayer funded station, for reference).

Huang, who by her own admission did not even have press credentials displayed, rushed toward the officers.  According to the Sherriff’s Dept., Huang “ignored repeated commands to stay back”.

The police, who were dealing with officers who had been shot because a person had approached, pulled out a gun and fired, took her to the ground and handcuffed her. They later let her go at the scene once her identity was confirmed.

Huang and her station went on a rant and expressed outrage at her treatment. “It’s how I remember it — like being tossed around in the ocean and then slammed into rock,” she tweeted.

The police were still dealing with the incident only moments earlier where two officers had just be shot-at least one of them in the head, without warning and for no reason, by someone who had simply walked up to them and pulled a gun. And Huang decided that was a good time to run toward police?  And in addition to all of that, and in the middle of another disruption where people were denying medical treatment? To say nothing of the fact that she refused to obey a lawful order.

But somehow she is the one outraged?  She somehow felt entitled to rush toward police with her camera phone while they were trying to clear an emergency room entrance so people could be saved from dying. And she felt that they should know, because they could read minds apparently, that this time someone going toward officers would not pull a gun and shoot them only minutes after another suspect still at large did exactly that?

What arrogance! That a sense of entitlement that she, and her station, think she should be able to ignore any situation and do whatever she wants just because she is employed by a radio station is an example of the uncontrolled arrogance of the media. And that arrogance leads to abuse.

Frankly, Huang is fortunate that she only got thrown to the ground and handcuffed. At a minimum, Huang should be charged with disobeying a police order and whatever other charge can be brought. But it’s Los Angeles, where the politicians assume the police are always at fault so that likely won’t happen. But we in the public can start expressing that we think the media are not above the law and that their profession does not entitle them to do anything they want. And we can start by complaining to the taxpayer funded NPR

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