Peace In The Middle East? “A Distraction” Says Pelosi

The last two weeks have seen historic announcements regarding peace in the Middle East. Over the last month, three Muslim-majority countries announced peace agreements with Israel. Two of those were Arab countries and at least one of them is putting their embassy in Jerusalem. That’s pretty big news by any measure.

Whatever it took to bring that about, there is hope that there may be more to follow and that other Arab countries may also recognize Israel’s right to exist and begin to normalize relations.

On the domestic front, the celebrations for the peace agreements are much more muted, as a result of personal and political hatred and animosity. And that is sad.

It isn’t a surprise in this day and age that our political leaders hate each other.  And that applies to both sides of the aisle. And it’s a shame that adults act the way they do, much less supposed leaders of the country and free world.

The most recent example reinforces that and maybe is even more disappointing. Many people who oppose Trump say one reason they do so is that the way he personally attacks people, the way everything is about him, etc.. Yet how can those same people be critical when they do the exact same things? (and that is not an excuse for the President’s childish behavior, just a statement that those characteristics are repulsive in everyone).

It amazes me the level of hatred that politicians/people could have for one person (ok, unless they are an ex-spouse but even then….).

As mentioned, earlier this week Kosovo, a Muslim-majority country, announced that it would recognize Israel and put its embassy in Jerusalem. Also this week, President Trump hosted a signing ceremony for a treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and also Bahrain.  Each of those was historic but all coming together in a short time frame is momentous.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House went on CNN and was asked about the agreements.

 Wolf Blitzer: “How much credit do you give the President for these peace agreements?”

Speaker Pelosi: “Well, hopefully they won’t—hopefully they will be beneficial [sic] to the region.”.

She continued, “Good for him for having a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the numbers of people who are dying from the virus only increases.” (emphasis added)

So, Pelosi’s opinion that a peace agreement where three countries now recognize Israel’s right to exist and which end, in two of those cases, a state of cold war that has existed for over half a century is “a distraction”.

Hate is strong in that one. She has become what she said she is against.

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