Rising Evidence On Mail-In Balloting

The bias of the media is pretty obvious when talking about mail-in balloting. Somewhere in almost every article, they will add a statement something like ‘unfounded claims of voter fraud’ or something similar, trying to suggest that there is no evidence that voter fraud has or could happen more easily with mail-in balloting.

Yet, the data and evidence are somewhat overwhelming to any objective observer.

A local election in Patterson, NJ earlier this year was conducted solely by mail because of concerns about in person voting during the pandemic. In that election 19% (roughly 1 out of 5) of the ballots were thrown out because of questions about the ballot’s validity.

In Nevada’s primary election earlier this year, a study was done on mailed ballots for the county that includes Las Vegas which has 75% of the population of the state. In that study 17% of all ballots mailed were mailed to the wrong address meaning that someone got a ballot who was supposed to get that ballot.

Though not every one of the cases above involved fraud, some surely did and it calls into question the reliability of mail in votes. However, a more recent example is even more concrete.

Roughly 1000 people are being investigated for voting twice in Georgia’s recent primary election. Just over 10,000 people were found to have voted with an absentee mail-in ballot and also showed up at the polls. Most were turned away at the polls by election workers but 1000 of them actually show as having voted twice and so the state is investigating.

All of the above cases are from this year, and so it actually seems that the evidence is pretty overwhelming. And yet, there are many that say there is no problem and nothing to suggest there will be problems. An objective look at results shows that just isn’t true.

More troubling is that in the Georgia case, where it is clear there are people that voted twice, which is a felony if found guilty, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is offering to defend them for free. Why?  It’s hard to draw any conclusion other than the ACLU is more concerned about a political outcome than a fair and election.

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