China Expands Forced Labor

A recently released study on China’s heightened persecution of Tibetan minorities was recently released by the Jamestown Institute, a Washington, DC-based policy institute that studies foreign policy issues of strategic importance. It highlights a new level of persecution for Tibetan minorities

Persecution of Uighur minorities by the Communist Chinese government has been estimated by the UN to have resulted in over million people who were sent to labor detention camps and forced to undergo ‘education’. This latest report shows that China’s government has expanded their program to remove minorities to labor camps away from their homes to disperse any unapproved lifestyles or dissent.

The article below details the latest in Chinese repression. From the article:

While there has been some evidence of military-style training and labor transfers in Tibet in the past, this new, enlarged program represents the first on a mass scale and the first to openly set quotas for transfers outside the region.

Communism is evil and China is still dangerous.

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