Radical Rants From Academia

In what is becoming all too common, we have two more examples of radical (and in this case, racist) professors who are promoting their own agenda with taxpayer funding.

A University of Minnesota course will help you overcome the fact that you are white. While we used to teach people to be proud of who they were and their heritage, the University of Minnesota now will teach you that (if you are white) not only should you be ashamed of being white but will offer you a 12-step program to help you overcome that.  No, really.

The University of Minnesota’s School of Social Work and Continuing Education Series recently hosted a  Webinar Series that was titled, “Deconstructing & Decentralizing White-ness in Practice: A Three-Part Series.” A part of that was a lecture entitled “Recovery from White Conditioning” which advertised that it would help white people by using a “12-step” program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous to “recover and reclaim our full humanity.” (Emphasis added-because if you are white, you aren’t fully human?)

Therapist Cristina Combs, who created the program, spent “years of struggling to navigate the role and presence of whiteness…” in order to reach her current enlightened state of being.

Imagine if there was a 12-step program that helped people ‘overcome their blackness’ or ‘their Latino-ness’?!

So we are not to be proud of who we are. Only certain of us are to be proud of who we are.  Ummm…but wait, isn’t that the definition of racism and defining one race as better than another?!

Your tax dollars at work.

 A black professor at The Ohio State University told a symposium hosted by Texas A&M University that Justice Clarence Thomas is not “authentically black”.

Donna Ford, whose focus is Special Education, speaking at a conference hosted by Texas A&M said that diversity of skin color was enough in education but then went on to attack those of a certain skin color. “So white females I’m speaking to you, and I’m saying you’ve got to get your sh- stuff together,” she added. “But you got to get your stuff together because you know what, you’re the problem, and then you’re the major problem.”

So ‘white’ is the problem but Clarence Thomas is part of the problem because he’s not the ‘right kind’ of black man.

Apparently, that is not the first time other blacks have criticized Justice Thomas, as he responded to that very accusation in a June 2019 interview. In that interview, Justice Thomas characterized this line of thinking:  Thomas said “people who will get very upset if someone said all blacks look alike are really comfortable saying all blacks ought to think alike.”

Imagine having to defend yourself because you don’t think like someone else who is the same race. How repugnant!. How racist! And your tax dollars are paying to promote it.

University professors, many of whom have tenure, sit back with their lifetime tenured appointments and are paid by taxpayers to spout such radical, non-ideologically consistent rantings. And then university administrators wonder why they have their funding cut. We need to start getting back to accountability by ending tenure at public colleges and universities.

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