The Devaluing Of America

Far left media outlet Yahoo News invited Aurora Snow to pen a column on her opinion of the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to be the next justice on the Supreme Court

The choice itself is revealing. Aurora Snow, born Rebecca Claire Kensington, is a porn actress and director. In asking her to write on the topic, they obviously felt that was an important constituency to hear from and perspective to share.

Snow opposes the nomination of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court, feeling that it would threaten the sex industry and ‘sex workers’ (the less ‘shaming’ term for actors in porn, strippers, prostitutes, etc.).

“Yes, if nominee Amy Coney Barrett becomes the next Supreme Court justice, the future of the commercial sex industry could be in grave danger.”

Set aside for a moment the question of why the ‘sex industry’ may be hurt if Barrett is confirmed. We are supposed to be concerned about that—that strip clubs, the porn film industry. prostitution and other parts of the sex industry might be hurt? Ok, certainly ‘sex sells’ and a lot of us are tempted by such things. But have we lost so much of our morality as a society, that one thing we should consider is selecting judges is how it will affect an industry whose sole product is to profit off people selling their bodies, that teaches them that their value is solely in their looks and what they can do to gratify someone else? And an industry that, unfortunately, makes so much money off selling people and their bodies that sex trafficking is rampant and so closely associated with its products?

Clearly there has been a tendency to minimize morality in society in recent years, but is the seedy underworld of selling sex now something we want to protect?

Not long ago, Yahoo also ran an article about ‘slut shaming’ and how we ought to not look down on people. On the contrary, we do need to look down on ‘sluts’ and they should be ashamed. That does not mean that they aren’t people, does not mean that they are beneath the love of God and the Creator. But it does mean there are things in this world we should be ashamed of and societal shaming is not always a bad thing.

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